Zig Zag All The Way To The Top

Zig Zag All The Way To The Top – There are certain themes in our Dancehall culture that become instant anthems at parties and on the streets of life here in Jamaica. Whenever words like grudgeful and envy are spoken or sung about it resonates with us as a people, unfortunately.  Zig Zag has definitely brought to the forefront a definite hit titled ” Bad Mind Deh Yah”.

It can be heard on all digital platforms such as youtube where you’ll be able to hold a vibe and listen to Zig Zag’s meditation in regards to some of his fellow human beings. There are lines in the song where Zig Zag wails about just how “Bad Mind deh yah nuff and that it is literally everywhere”.

This upbeat track and rhythmic sound comes from Soo Slick Productions and is about to take on great momentum on the airwaves and of course in the streets.

Roger Dennis aka Zig Zag is an amazing singer-songwriter and hails from Manchester. Zig Zag has been in the entertainment industry for a minute and has grown tremendously over the years. Zig Zag laughs as he recalls his first recorded song back in 2004 and right after his first voicing session knew that music was his passion and path.
As an up and coming artiste this song “Bad Mind Deh Yah” was a no-brainer because he had to go through so many hardships and oppression from people within the industry and just in life. The moment you start to grow, gain fans and just become even a little successful in your career, the energy that comes from bad-minded people can be felt on such a potent level. So as an intelligent and trying professional in this industry, I tend to mind my business and hold tight to the Most High where i ask for constant protection and guidance.


Zig & Zag – Them Girls Them Girls

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