Relationship: Period Destroys Marriage in Kingston

Relationship: Period Destroys Marriage – A woman leaves her husband because he refuses to have sex during her menstrual cycle.

A couple from the Red Hills Rd area has been in limbo since the Covid quarantines and lockdown. The neighbours are complaining of an ongoing dispute which seems to occur during the third week of every month.

After carefully sourcing and asking why and what was the problem one tenant in the household stated that the wife who is a sexually active person wants her husband to have sex whenever she wants.
Rumours are that since the start of 2021 the couple has been arguing constantly. The last straw came in August when the husband found out that she would be entertaining company during her cycle.

She then gave him a choice, whether to stay or go. He decided to go and now the family is disrepute with all this going on.

What would you do and how would you cope if this was your wife or husband?

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