Real Life Story: Abused Wife of a Pastor

Real Life Story: Abused Wife of a Pastor

Real-Life Story: Abused Wife of a Pastor – For twenty-one years I have been the abused wife of an abusive pastor in the parish of St Catherine.

We have four children, the eldest is 21, and the other three are teenagers.

On Sunday’s when we are in the church, he’s the holiest pastor and loving husband. But soon as we leave the church, straight to the rum bar he heads while the children and I go home.

Then soon as he gets home from the rum bar he finds all the faults. And that’s when he starts to beat me in front of our grown children.

Now just Sunday 20th of October here,  we got home from church and were all having dinner,  during which a friend of his called wanting them to go to the rum bar.  I was upset about it and asked him if the rum bar was more important than to spend time with his family.

It was the worst mistake ever!  He started beating me in front of the children as always.  Now this time our 21 years old child lost his temper tantrum and punched him over and told him the next time he put his hands on me the police would be coming to pick him up.

I am traumatized and depressed and in fear of what my family has become. I love my husband and despite the abuse I never tried to leave because of our children.   But now it has become unbearable I don’t know what to do.

Abused wife.  St Catherine.

Dear Abused Wife.
First off, there is no excuse for anyone to stay in an abusive relationship marriage or no marriage.  Children or no children.
Abuse of any form is a NO!
and for a pastor, he should be ashamed of himself and need to be reported to the church board.

You mentioned that your child had to punch this abusive pastor’s husband of yours just to protect you from another abuse.
Take a self-check.  Isn’t that enough sign to show you enough as become too much?

I suggest that you and your husband seek counseling if you want to save your marriage and keep your family together and if he doesn’t make any changes you should then report him to the church board and think about putting the abusive marriage to an end.
As a woman, you should stand up and fight against abuse against women.

All the best.  Good Luck.

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