Portland businessman allegedly paid cop to have wife killed

Portland businessman allegedly paid cop to have wife killed

The Crown is alleging that Portland businessman Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald, paid a police officer to orchestrate the killing of his first wife, Marlene, in 2009.

In the sensational allegations read in court today, the Crown outlined how McDonald confessed to his nephew to paying the cop — a Detective Corporal Duncan — to carry out the illegal act.

The Crown also outlined from the nephew’s statement to the police how — before the killing — his uncle spoke about wanting to take his own life because he couldn’t live with being separated from his wife.

Marlene McDonald, 50, was shot in her driveway after parking her car at her Boundbrook, Port Antonio, Portland home in May 2009.

The 60-something-year-old accused was charged on Monday, February 1 with the killing, just months after he was charged with the July 2020 murder of his second wife, Tonia Hamilton-McDonald.

McDonald appeared via Zoom today in the Home Circuit Court, in downtown Kingston where the case was mentioned for the first time since he was charged on Monday.

McDonald’s nephew — who the prosecution said met his demise after giving the statement in 2009 — told the police that his uncle was depressed due to his separation from Marlene. He said his uncle told him that he intended to hang himself because “separation is harder than death”.

The nephew — whose name was not disclosed in court — said this led him to take his uncle to see an “obeah man”, and that the uncle told the obeah man that he was going to kill himself.

The nephew said he told McDonald that this wasn’t necessary and that he should “give it time”.

According to the nephew, McDonald told him at one point that he gave Marlene the house at the Anchovy housing scheme and that she was not satisfied and that “she fi dead”. The nephew said his uncle told him that all he would get is three years behind bars if he killed Petal.

The nephew said that on the day of the killing, Mrs McDonald gave him a bowl of soup to give to his uncle. He said that he went to his uncle’s home where he saw Detective Duncan.

He said he gave his uncle the soup and that his uncle asked him where Mrs McDonald was.

The nephew said that when he was leaving the house his uncle told him, “You never see anybody up here. A me alone.”

The witness said that prior to this, he went to his uncle’s house where he saw Detective Duncan standing in the doorway. He said the officer spoke to his uncle on seeing him and that his uncle told the detective, “A me right-hand man, him good.”

The nephew said he entered the living room and saw two young men he’d never met before.

The nephew said shortly after Marlene’s killing he received a telephone call and went to his uncle’s house where he saw him with the weed killer gramoxone and a length of rope.

He said his uncle expressed regret over the killing of his wife. He said that on another occasion his uncle told him that he wished he could take back his money from Duncan and get back his wife.

“Mi sorry me kill her,” the nephew said McDonald told him, to which he responded, “A no you kill har, a gunman kill har.”

The court was told that McDonald replied by saying that he paid to have his wife killed because she was going to leave him and that he didn’t want her to be with anyone else.

He said also that on another occasion his uncle attempted to take his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning inside his vehicle. He said he revived his uncle, who started to cry.

“Mi caa tek this no more. Look weh mi life come to,” he said McDonald lamented.

McDonald’s case will be mentioned on March 22 when a bail application will be made on his behalf.

The accused is represented by Bert Samuels and his junior Matthew Hyatt.



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