K. Michelle explains viral video of her butt ‘bursting’ on IG Live

K. Michelle explains viral video of her butt ‘bursting’ on IG Live

In a series of tweets, K. Michelle explained this week’s viral video of her backside appearing to burst on Instagram.

The singer has been very open about the health issues she’s endured related to her butt injections in the past. In a Instagram Live video Tuesday, she was dancing to Cardi B’s latest single, “Up,” for fans, and afterward, they immediately took to Twitter to comment on what was believed to be alarming in her video: It looked like her butt implant was “bursting.”

“So the video of me dancing is sad that I even have 2explain,” she tweeted. “I walked y’all through how difficult this process of removing silicone from my body for 3YEARS/16 surgeries Did we not forget I almost died due 2this?????? Now i’m in the process of 3 reconstruction steps.”

She continued, sharing that “What u saw in the video was a happy woman with a faja and my extra fat! I’ve been very open so I can heal ladies. I didn’t have to tell anybody and I could’ve covered up until the process was done, but NO. Ladies need to see and hear the truth. I decided to use my platform to help.”

The reality-show star wrote in the thread for about five more tweets, saying she hopes to have one last surgery this month for “skin removal.”

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