Elise Kelly to leave Irie FM

Elise Kelly, one of the best-known names in radio is leaving, IRIE FM.

Ms. Kelly has served the station for nearly 30 years.

She does one of the most popular mid-morning shows on radio, ‘Easy Skanking’, and is an authoritative voice on reggae and dancehall.

It is being reported that she is to go to another radio station doing a morning or early afternoon slot. The station being mentioned is Riddim FM, a soon to be launched Reggae Station owned by Mello Media.

Al Robinson, CEO of Mello Media confirmed that Riddim FM will be on air very soon but denied that Elise Kelly was going to the station. “Elise is a great broadcaster, it would be great if we could get her on the new Riddim FM”, Robinson said.

Irie FM, based in Ocho Rios has been facing financial issues and has cut staff, reduced work hours and also cut salaries of those remaining.

Only last month, another well-known voice, Bob Clarke left the station.

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