Dear Mckoy: Unsure of who my baby daddy is

Dear Mckoy: Unsure of who my baby daddy is – I am a single mother of three who is unemployed. Times are hard now because of the virus so I cannot find any work. I have two different men who help me with my bills and children. The only issue is, they don’t know about each other.
I have sex with both of them, unprotected sometimes. I am now pregnant and I do not know who the father is. My actions are careless, I know. But neither of them would be helping me if I didn’t give them sex in return. I do not believe in abortion, but the thought has been crossing my mind since recently.
One of the men has a wife and family, and the other claims to be single. The one with the wife is a popular businessman, while the other is a soldier who I see sometimes because of how busy his job gets. I do have genuine feelings for each of them, but this is such a dangerous game.
The new school year begins on Monday, and thankfully, my ids will be able to attend their online classes thanks to help from these men. I am too ashamed to tell any of my family about my lifestyle because I know they will ridicule me. Please tell me what to do.
Dear Confused,
As hard as it may be, you have to be honest with these men and get a DNA test done before you can move forward. The anxiety of being unsure is not healthy for you or the baby. In the future, if you plan to have more than one sexual partner, please use protection. I am looking forward to an update on this matter. All the best. 
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