Dear Mckoy: Sister Husband Wants To Get Intimate With Me

Dear Mckoy: Sister Husband Wants To Get Intimate With Me– I have been living with my 42 years old sister and her husband for some years now. During my time staying there, her husband has been sexually harassing me. It all began when I was about 15 years old when he would open the bathroom door on me, claiming that it was an accident.

I’m now 24, and he has only gotten worse. He keeps touching my bottom, and most times if I’m laying in the living room, he would come and lay on top of me. I’m very uncomfortable with the situation.

I want to tell my sister, however, I’m not sure how to approach her. Let her know that her husband is a dirty monster. I don’t want to hurt her.


Dear Kesha,
Your discomfort and anxiety are completely understood. Nine years is a long time to bear harassment in silence. It is very unfortunate that you had to tolerate this behavior for such a long period.

Your sister deserves to know what kind of man she is married to, you might not be the only person he is behaving like that with. How you deliver the news is the tricky part of this decision. Keep in mind there is no good way to say it and no good way for her to take it. It depends on what kind of person she is. Prepare yourself for a negative initial response as she processes the information.

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