Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend and His Ex are Too Close

Dear McKoy: My boyfriend and I have been together since November of last year. The sex is awesome, he takes care of me financially and is very affectionate. On the other hand, I’m very concerned about the strong bond that he still seems to have with his ex. They talk on the phone every day and when I complain about it, he says I’m being petty and that they are only friends. He even has her name tattooed on his arm and refuses to remove it. Should I let it go, or should I be worried?




Dear C.L.: Frankly, I believe you should be worried! They broke up and he continues to talk to her every day?

You don’t have to end your relationship with this man, but you should be extremely cautious. Maintain your limits, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed, and engage in a conversation regarding his ex-girlfriend. It’s quite acceptable to maintain contact with your ex. After a long-term relationship, it might be difficult to let go of your bond. However, this is a little over the top. Take precautions.

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