Dear Mckoy: My best friend’s man is also my man

Dear McKoy, I know I should be writing this with some remorse, but honestly, I don’t care. My best friend of nine years introduced me to her boyfriend last summer and when our eyes connected, sparks flew. I found his Instagram page and sent him a DM telling him that I think he’s really cute and he started flirting back with me. We exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone everyday, until about two weeks later he invited me to his house. He cooked for me, then we watched a movie and later had the most amazing sex. We even gave each other oral. Since then, he gives me a weekly allowance to get my hair and nails done and pay my rent etc. It is clear that this guy loves me as much as I do. When my friend calls me to tell me about their relationship problems, I try to sound sympathetic but I know I am the reason he’s not not paying her much attention. Of course, they still post each other and go to public places but something has to give. It’s a small price to pay to have him come home to me and use his tongue to “work magic”.

I want them to break up soon so that I can get pregnant for him and introduce him to my family. I know that eventually she will find out and she will be hurt, but I am sure she will be fine. You really cannot let a friend stop you from being with your soulmate. Tell me if you agree.
– T. C.
Dear T.C.,
First of all, I think you are very selfish to be doing this to your friend. Imagine if you were in her position. Honesty is the best policy and if you wo are so in love as you claim to be, be honest to yourselves and to your friend and move from there. The sneakiness is never worth it. This behavior is immature. Re-evaluate your life.
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