Dear McKoy: In Love with My Best Friend’s Woman who is Two Months Pregnant

Dear McKoy: My best friend found out I slept with his girlfriend who is two months pregnant and he is threatening to get revenge; whatever that means. To be honest, I don’t feel any remorse for my actions. He never saw her worth. He never treated her as she should have been treated and I don’t mind taking her AND his baby in. I’m not worried about all the things he has said, I just miss her. She said she’s not allowed to be around me anymore but I told her I’m ready and waiting on her. I have my own house and car and  I can buy her and the baby anything they need.

Sounds messed up but that woman is everything I have ever wanted. Her birthday is coming up and I’m ordering a lot of expensive stuff for her that I plan on delivering to her myself so if he wants to fight me then, he can; by all means. I’m tired of suppressing my love for her. Nobody can change my mind.


Dear D.T.,

You have already made up your mind about this situation but I would really advise you to be careful. Don’t act silly and throw your life away. Please take heed.



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