Dear Mckoy: I’m my boss’ sidechick

Dear McKoy, I have been working at a company for almost two years and recently I got a promotion to a supervisory position. Many of my co-workers have been wondering how I became a supervisor so quickly because usually you would have to be working here at least five years. The truth is, my boss and I slept together couple months after I started working there and we have both fallen in love. It happened one night when I was there working late and he just so happened to be there. I went to his office to make some queries until we both made eye contact and started kissing. One thing led to another and our clothes came off and we had some hardcore sex right there on his desk. I am salivating just thinking about it. We started to have sex more often at work or at motels.

 I found it weird that he never brought me home, until I asked him why and he admitted that he had a wife of ten years and two sons. I as honestly very hurt because I really love the sex and he had a great personality plus money. Anyway, I decided not to leave because we always had a good time. The only thing I really hate is that when his wife visits the office I have to be professional, but honestly I just want to fight her. I know I sound crazy and jealous but I feel like he’s right for me. I want to settle with him one day and have more babies for him, but I don’t know if he will leave his wife. Please tell me what to do.
Dear M.K.,
This man is what they describe as “having his cake and eating it too”. You will never know if the man has plans of leaving his wife for you unless you clearly communicate with him. In most cases, these men don’t leave their happy homes for the other woman. This is a tricky situation and I really would not want you to get hurt by a man who probably just enjoys you for sex, but talk to him. When you get a response, please act accordingly.
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