Dear McKoy: I Want to Improve My Fellatio Skills

Dear McKoy: I’m a woman in her early twenties who loves giving blow jobs. I’d like to take deep-throating to the next level, but I am afraid I  will puke if the penis goes too far down my throat. Otherwise,  I do a good job, but I’d like to have more fun! I have already tried a numbing spray and it doesn’t help.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can deep-throat without gagging?




Dear T.W: If you want to be good at something, you practice. Get yourself a dildo. Choose the softer types, and if possible, go to a store that has samples on hand so you can squeeze them before you buy. Then you can practice as often as you like. . You might want to start by doing this in the bathtub, as you probably gag a few times. You might also want to try breathing via your nose while you gradually increase the penetration depth. With constant practice, you will become perfect. Good luck.


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