Dear McKoy: I Got Intimate with My Stepfather

Dear McKoy: My mother and stepfather are married and they have a six-year-old daughter together. I am 19 years old and in college. My mother loves my stepfather a lot and it even seems like she prefers my step-sister over me and that makes me resent her a lot. I am very close with my stepfather and I always noticed the way he looks at me. Recently, my mother went to visit our grandmother and she took my little sister with her. My stepfather and I were left at home for a couple of days. One night we were watching tv in the living room and ended up having sex. It was great and now that my mother is back home I’ve gotten so jealous seeing them together, especially them sleeping in the same bed. I can’t get him out of my head and I love him so much. I know this will only cause problems if my mother finds out. This is becoming difficult and the fact that we see each other every day makes it worse. What should I do?




Dear Kayla: He is and will always be your father. Things like this are simply unacceptable. It’s probably the worst kind of betrayal you’ve both done to your mother. Please know that nothing positive can come from this and that you should quit while you are ahead. Sibling rivalry may exist, but it should not be used to undermine her marriage. He is heartless to cheat on your mother with her own daughter. Make no mistake, what you did was wrong, but he should know better. It’s challenging since you see him every day. Get out of that house and it will all end! Living in that house will only lead to the same predicament with unthinkable repercussions. There are many single unmarried men available. Be at peace with yourself and others.


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