Dear McKoy: Caught between a police and soldier

Dear McKoyCaught between police and soldier– I know you’ve heard many stories about how brutal lawmen can be in relationships and right now I’m scared to be another victim of abuse or death. Last year, this policeman and I started dating and this summer I moved in with him. He’s very sweet and really only aggressive in the bedroom. The issue is sometimes he’s very mean with money and you know women have many needs. It just so happened that I met this soldier on Facebook and we started talking casually until it turned into messaging everyday. We had a crush on each other. It was clear. I told him about my boyfriend and he promised to keep us a secret. I trusted him and started to meet secretly to have sex. He gave me money each time we did. The thing is, he started to become more and more possessive and wanted to call when my man was around. I told him this is not okay and we had a huge argument. I wanted to cut him off so bad but he apologized and bought me an expensive gift. I decided to move forward but the behavior has started to resurface.
I’m so scared that he’ll find my boyfriend and tell him or that he’ll kill me and kill himself. He’s obsessed with me and doesn’t wait to let go. What should I do?
Dear T.W.,
You need to tell him sternly that the relationship is over. If it persists, you can file an official report to the JDF or harassment. I hope you’ve learnt that greed can be a dangerous. If your man made you so unhappy or unsatisfied, why didn’t you just leave? You’re living way too dangerously. You also need to find a job and become independent. It’s always very wise for women to have their own. It is time to do better. Stay safe and all the best.
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