Confession – Sleeping with my Boyfriend Father

Confession – Sleeping with my Boyfriend Father

CONFESSION:  Sleeping with my Boyfriend Father –  I’m 22 years old from Hanover but presently living in Kingston with a man that I met 8 months ago.

Since we have been living together, he always told me he wants me to meet his father and that his father was also from Hanover.

I was interested in meeting his father until I got a shock of my life.
Eventually, his father came to visit and to my surprise, his father was the man I have been cheating on him with every time I told him I was going to the country to visit my mother.

We were both shocked when introduced to each other but kept it between us. Now the father has been staying here with us for almost a month and every night while my boyfriend is at work we get intimate.

I love my boyfriend, but I also love his father and I do enjoy them both sexually as they are two amazing love makers. The father enjoys being with me so he promised to die with our secret. They both take very good care of me and never made me in need of anything.

I’m not a bad girl but it is always my dream to have two men in the same place and we all living happily. I’m now living that dream and enjoying it.

Happy Girl, Hanover.

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