Confession: My Man is a Freaky Politician

One of the more popular government officials has been my sugar daddy for the past couple months and he is talking about getting me pregnant as soon as I finish my Master’s Degree (which he is paying for). He is sweet and all, but I don’t think I want that and he’s going to be very disappointed when I break up with him as soon as I find my soulmate. The man has a wife who takes part in politics now and then too and he has GROWN children. Why would I want to get caught up in that? He’s the biggest freak I have ever met and he really doesn’t need to penetrate me for me to orgasm multiple times. His tongue does wonders and he even licks my anus sometimes.

Probably if he was single then I would consider taking him seriously for the long term but I am young and fresh. My life is just beginning. Until I get to where I want, I will continue to enjoy his company and all that he does for me. I don’t have to worry about any bills because of him and I have gone one two vacations so far on his tab. I hope his wife knows she has a good one on her hands and need not worry. I won’t completely steal him from her.

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